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Sciatica Specialist

Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville

Integrative Medicine & Medical Clinic located in Knoxville, TN

Sciatica sufferers know that when pain hits, it can stop you dead in your tracks. The medical team at Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee, chiropractor and chiropractic acupuncturist, can help you recover from sciatica pain. He uses modern stretching exercises, and laser treatments to help patients who suffer from sciatica. Many men and women report feeling improvement right after their first visit.

Sciatica Q & A

What causes sciatica?

Sciatic pain happens quickly, leaving you with severe shooting pains that run all the way down the back of your leg. Most of the time, sciatica stems from a bulged or ruptured disc. But you may also experience pain from sciatica if you have any of these conditions in your spine:

  • Arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Bone spurs
  • Pinched nerve
  • Tumors

Sometimes women who are pregnant also experience sciatica, which can be managed with chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy.

How can chiropractic adjustments improve sciatica pain?

Chiropractic adjustments realign your spine, in addition to your entire skeleton. This takes pressure off your sciatic nerve, often providing relief almost instantly. Once that nerve pressure is gone, your body starts healing naturally. Chiropractic adjustments don’t work on their own though. You’ll probably also have ultrasound treatments during your appointments. Ultrasound warms up the injured area, which increases circulation, reduces swelling, and minimizes muscle tension. Dr. Shreve may follow up these treatments with cold laser therapy, or ice packs, depending on your needs.

Can I get magnetic resonance therapy?

Yes, and it benefits most men and women who have sciatica. During a session, you enter the Magnesphere™, which is a specialized pod-like system that surrounds your entire body with low-level electromagnetic fields. The magnets stimulate one of your body’s primary nerves, the vagus nerve. Ultimately, your entire autonomic nervous system (ANS), becomes balanced. Your sciatica pain will improve or completely go away, after just one treatment when using magnetic resonance therapy.

Will I need multiple appointments?

Yes. Chiropractic care is a system of wellness that works to train your body to heal itself. While you may certainly notice improvement after your very first session, a single appointment won’t fix your sciatica pain. Because your body needs time to heal, and Dr. Shreve needs to work with you to keep your body aligned, you’ll probably have to come in for 2-3 visits per week, for several weeks. But Dr. Shreve will go over realistic expectations with you during your consultation. Many patients prefer coming back after their sciatica pain improves, just for routine maintenance and pain prevention.