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Learning Your Triggers for Migraines

What exactly causes migraines is a mystery, and many studies have gone into how and why these powerful headaches form. Most people with frequent migraines have triggers that lead to a headache. Pinning down these triggers is the first step to avoiding them, so here are some tips on how to identify your triggers, and what might be behind your headaches. 

At Integrative Medicine Solutions of Knoxville in Tennessee, we provide Allevio SPG Nerve Blocks for those suffering from migraines. Along with that, our team of experienced doctors and staff can also provide advice on how to identify your triggers and avoid future migraines. 

How to determine migraine triggers

Before you can begin making changes in your daily routine and diet, you must identify the triggers that bring on your headaches. One way is by keeping a migraine diary. By recording your meals, stress levels, activities, and weather for every day, you can track what factors in your life lead up to migraines. 

While keeping your migraine diary, you should also do your best to cut down on stress and keep a healthy sleep schedule. Stress and lack of sleep are two of the most common triggers for migraines. If you're constantly tired and stressed, it can be difficult to pin down other triggers in your life. 

Common migraine triggers 

As mentioned above, stress and fatigue are two prominent factors in migraine development. While everyone might be sensitive to different things, here is a list of the most common migraine triggers.

Many people cite certain foods as triggers for their migraines. In your migraine diary, mention if you consume any of the following foods: 

If any of these things triggers a migraine, we recommend that you avoid them in the future. As you narrow down different factors causing your headaches, you should see an improvement. Your migraines should be farther apart, and possibly less intense. 

If you're having trouble coping with the pain of your migraines, getting help should be the next step. 

Help for migraines

While painkillers might not help your headaches in the way you want, there are other options for treatment. 

One such option is Allevio SPG Nerve Blocks. This works by blocking the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG). This is the nerve group often responsible for headaches. By numbing this nerve with a local anesthetic, it eliminates the pain at the source. 

This is done via your nostrils, giving you a fast, minimally invasive option to reduce migraine pain. 

If you suffer from migraines and want to find relief, Integrative Medicine Solutions of Knoxville can help you narrow down your triggers and provide pain relief. To get in touch, call us or request an appointment online.

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