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Ditch the Pills: Acupuncture Is More Effective in Remedying Back Pain Than You Think

Acupuncture has a reputation for being expensive and ineffective. Many people believe Eastern medicine is too “new age” and isn't rooted in science, and, therefore, it doesn't work. Traditional Western medicine providers who are unfamiliar with the powerful benefits of acupuncture often advise patients against the treatment. Also, it's in their best interests to keep you coming back, getting your prescriptions refilled again and again. But does acupuncture really work? Can it help you get rid of your back pain naturally? Let's find out.

What Is Acupuncture?

You've probably heard that acupuncture involves inserting needles into various points of the body. While this is technically true, it leaves a lot to the imagination. Acupuncture is precise and inserts very thin needles — no thicker than the width of a human hair — into mapped-out points of the body designed to provide the patient with relief where they need it most. The needles aren't thick, and most people cannot feel them being inserted. They only feel the sensation of tingling as the area becomes stimulated.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body's own healing abilities. Physical therapy practitioners also use acupuncture in a way, but it's called dry needling. The concept is essentially the same — the practitioner inserts needles into the body at specific points related to the patient's unique condition, and the insertion of the needle activates the body's healing mechanisms. Red and white blood cells rush to the area, and the lymphatic system is activated to begin removing toxins. Dry needling typically involves inserting needles into the area of injury or pain; whereas, acupuncture may involve inserting needles into other areas of the body that Chinese medicine has proven are related to the areas of the body needing relief.

The ancient Chinese believed that parts of your body called “meridians” were responsible for the energy flow throughout the body. When the meridians become blocked, energy cannot flow, which results in pain and illness. Acupuncture is designed to balance the meridians of the body, restoring energy flow and giving the body what it needs to begin healing itself.

Ditching the Pills

Traditional medical treatment of chronic back pain often involves the use of potent medications that can have the ability to create dependence, and in some cases, even addiction. Muscle relaxers often don't do much for back pain, especially if the pain is caused by an issue that is not muscular in nature. For example, degenerative disc disease or a slipped disc won't be helped by muscle relaxers. Opiods can help reduce or even eliminate the pain, but they can make people feel “loopy” and make them unable to engage in daily activities. Medications are typically a band-aid when it comes to treating back pain — the symptoms are made better, but the root cause is never addressed or treated.

Where Should Acupuncture Be Done?

Since acupuncture is relatively safe, there are many pseudo-practitioners out there performing acupuncture. While it is possible to get an acupuncture license without being a medical doctor, you're in the best hands when your acupuncture treatment is performed by an experienced physician with the appropriate credentials. Only a licensed medical doctor can provide you with a proper diagnosis of your condition and suggest treatments suited to your specific needs.

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Are you sick of being chained to your pill bottle and experiencing debilitating back pain that keeps you from engaging in the activities you love? You don't have to suffer anymore. Acupuncture may be the key to helping reduce pain naturally, without the use of potentially dangerous medications. Consult with Dr. David Shreve at Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville to determine if you are a good candidate for acupuncture, how many sessions you'll need, and what you can expect during and after treatment. Call now at (865) 233-9197 or request an appointment online. We're ready now to help you feel better.

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