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Am I a Good Candidate for Regenerative Medicine?

Aging, injuries, and degenerative diseases can lead to near-constant, exhausting pain. The human body is remarkably good at healing itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. 

This is where regenerative medicine comes in. Regenerative therapies work to boost your body’s natural healing ability for whole body health. 

At Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville, our dedicated team provides professional diagnostics, pain management, and regenerative medicine options to help you recover from an injury or deal with chronic pain.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is not a new concept, but it’s beginning to gain more attention as a viable option for those suffering from chronic pain and degenerative diseases. Advancements in medicine provide you with new options for pain management.

This form of treatment works to boost the body’s natural healing response, targeting areas that are causing you pain. The best part about regenerative medicine is that it can be used for those with either temporary injuries or chronic conditions. 

How it compares to traditional pain management 

Traditional pain treatment usually starts off with anti-inflammatories, oral pain relievers, and steroid/joint injections. If your condition is severe enough, opioids can also be used to manage the pain. 

The problem with these treatments is that they don’t address the core issue, and they can lose efficacy over time. 

Regenerative medicine focuses on empowering your body to heal itself, and it can be combined with other treatments. The goal is to provide your body with natural building blocks to regenerate damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. 

Candidates for regenerative medicine therapies

If you’re suffering from chronic pain conditions, regenerative medicine can be applied to help you. Therapies range from injectables to supplements and more.

Arthritis and joint pain 

Arthritis and joint problems are some of the most common causes of chronic pain, and their degenerative nature means that the pain only worsens as you age. Regenerative medicine can help you stay one step ahead of age-related disease. 

Back pain 

Injuries, spinal stress, and disc degeneration can all lead to chronic back pain. Regenerative medicine can target the damaged areas and help alleviate pain associated with aging discs and compressed nerves. 

Plantar fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is caused by stretched, torn, or inflamed ligaments in the bottom of your foot. Walking, running, and even standing can put stress on your feet. Regenerative medicine can help reduce your pain and support healing.

If you’re interested in learning about regenerative medicine, the staff at our office in Knoxville, Tennessee, can give you more information. To get in touch, call us or request an appointment using our online tool.

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