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3 Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

Of the 10% of Americans who experience heel pain at some point in their lives, many experience pain persistent or severe enough that medical intervention is necessary. If your heel pain is beginning to feel chronic, plantar fasciitis might be the culprit. Fortunately, this condition is very treatable.

At Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville in Tennessee, we offer specialized treatment for a number of issues, including plantar fasciitis. Heel pain can make it difficult to do anything, from getting out of bed to participating in sports. 

In order to treat chronic heel pain effectively, you need a medical profession who understands plantar fasciitis. While this condition can be hard to completely conquer, you have a number of treatment options. 

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis refers to a deterioration and inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a band of thick tissue that runs from the bottom of your heel to your toes. 

Whenever you walk, run, or jump, this band absorbs shock and supports the arch of your foot. But if this bowstring becomes torn or stretched, it can cause rigidity and severe pain. 

This condition can happen to anyone, but it’s common among athletes, older people, and those working within industries that require hours of walking and standing. Certain health issues can also put you at risk for plantar fasciitis, including flat feet, high arches, and obesity. 

What are my treatment options? 

Once your plantar fascia becomes inflamed, it can be difficult to heal. We recommend rest and physical therapy for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis. But you need medical care to completely solve the problem.

Our team at Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville provides three primary treatments for plantar fasciitis, including: 

Custom exercises

Every case is different, but we can help you develop your own personal stretches to alleviate pain. 

Chiropractic care

A good chiropractic adjustment can take stress off your ligaments and provide natural, noninvasive pain relief. 

Regenerative medicine

If plantar fascia still doesn’t heal, we can recommend regenerative medicine to boost your body’s natural healing ability. 

The best part is that we can combine these solutions to create a three-pronged treatment plan. By combining them with at-home treatments like over-the-counter painkillers, rest, and regular icing, you can overcome heel pain and begin the healing process. 

Are you ready to get back on your feet? Our team at Integrated Medical Solutions of Knoxville can help you get there. To schedule a visit, call us 865-233-9197, or request an appointment through our website.

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